July 2019

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Can my psychologist be my friend?  

Can my psychologist be my friend?  


There is a main fundamental rule in the psychotherapy clinical psychology and it states that a therapist should make it mandatory to maintain an appropriate boundary between himself and his patient. Researchers have proved that psychotherapy cannot work in a simple manner as we think. 


Rules mentioned as a frame


It could also create a potentially harmful factor without following the proper boundary limitation. These are also referred to in the frame. The therapist should not have any kind of physical contact with the patient. It is strictly prohibited to indulge in such kind of activities. The therapist should not have any kind of relationship with the patient apart from the consulting room. It is also mandatory to be followed that the therapist should not treat their friends or any of their close relatives. A therapist should not offer any kind of practical advice to their patients. It is very much necessary that a therapist should maintain objectivity as well as neutrality towards the patients. A therapist should not worry and think about the patient excessively.  


Steps to be taken 


It is better to seek the supervision when you are about to get tempted. It is mandatory to seek the advice of the experts before you think to violate any of the above mentioned rules. Though the violation of these rules will not cause any disaster, there are few chances that these kind of flexible nature will lead to the potential harm or even disaster to a far extent. Sometimes, there may be a situation where it is necessary to be flexible with patients.


Though the situation is like that be flexible but make yourself remain within the boundary since the violation of these boundary rules and limits may turn into a grave error. Such kind of troubling situation happens at the most frequent time if the therapist is being subjected to the state of temptation. At a situation like this, it leads him to think that he is violating these rules but not subjected to any kind of temptation. If you have certain will power, you can perfectly handle these kinds of sensible situation. If you feel that you cannot handle such situations, it is better to seek the help of other supervisors. 


The relationship maintained between the therapist as well as the patient is certainly known as the therapeutic relationship and not friendship at any cause. Remember, there should not be any kind of relationship with the patient as well as the therapist out of the consulting room. This above thing means the therapist should not have any kind of feelings towards the patient. In fact, the patients tend to have an extreme and strong emotional feeling towards their therapist. The feelings and reactions could be out of anything such as love or even lust, curiosity, envy, competition, revulsion or even hatred. These feelings are triggered only in patients mind because of the transference. If a therapist reciprocates those feelings, it is known as counter transference. These both kinds of things must be cut down strictly because it may ruin whole therapy.