Advanced Tattooing For Even The Best Artist

Get A Real Tattoo From A Talented Artist

Even if the summer season does not lend itself to the realization of a tattoo because of sun and salt water, nothing forbids to admire the creations of talented tattoo artists, fan-shaped feet, far from the daily worries. The magazine Tattoo Collection July-August is ideal for this. No text, no article, just pictures of tattoos sorted by styles. There are 24 chapters, ranging from old-school (traditional) portraits to tribal, lettering, warriors and more at all about it ink shop.

A source of inspiration for all tattoo artists, this magazine is also and above all an additional means for the tattoo candidate to further clarify his ideas about his future tattoo.
Tattoo Collection is available on newsstands for € 3.00.

There are a few serious and reliable books about tattooing techniques. This applies to both introductory books and those proposing to know the professional techniques of the best tattoo artists. Joshua Carlton is a recognized tattoo artist in the United States and specializes in realistic portraits and tattoos. You can see some of his work. He had an excellent idea to write some books, rather intended for confirmed tattoo artists, including the famous “Advanced Tattooing Techniques”.

This book (in English only) deals mainly with the techniques of realization of hyper-realistic Portraits. The whole process is treated, from the realization of the Stencil to the final touch. I confess that the receipt of the book, I was a little disappointed that the text is ultimately quite concise (and large print). I thought we were on the verge of the scam. Then I really immersed myself in this book and my opinion has totally changed. This book is simply excellent. True, the text is short, but the words are right, the explanation clear and I quickly realized that a correctly written page was better than ten incomprehensible pages.

As more, the photos and illustrations are talking, no need to add. So I understand better today the positive comments read everywhere on the internet with regard to this book. If you read English, do not hesitate.

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