Bucks Party

Of all the tasks laid out before a head groomsmen, I have always found that the Bucks Party EpicHolidays  is one of the most involved and important.  Set amid the frantic search for the perfect dress, venue, flowers, and pretty much everything else under the sun… the Bucks Party is an opportunity for the groom to just relax and have some fun.  This is the one item that the groom does not have to organize himself!



With this in mind I have started this blog to help you create the perfect event that will be fun and memorable.

Bucks Party Theme

The very first step has to be the Bucks Party THEME.  It needs to suit both the groom and also the expected guests, so pay attention to who will be attending and what the groom loves to do and incorporate these things into a theme.

Guest Lists

Who is going to attend?  For some the night is for the exclusive few and will be all about the guys, but more often than not it will be for every male within the bride and grooms family but all of the grooms friends

The Date

This is usually a couple of weeks before the Groom’s Big Day, but realistically it can be anytime except avoid the night before the wedding!


Try to incorporate the theme into the invites and make sure you include enough information so everyone knows what to wear, how much money they’ll need and what you are planning on doing.


Often a controversial issue, once again try to think about the people that will be attending and set the budget accordingly, you don’t want to exclude anyone due to financial restrictions.  A good plan with this is to have some set costs but making food and drinks at discretion.  It also helps those that want to drink less not to feel obliged.


This could be one or many.  But I suggest choosing your first venue carefully as this will set the scene for the night ahead.  You will also want to consider transportation if the venue/s are not local and you may not be in any state to drive before, during or after the event.

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