Business Agent

A business agent is a professional title, usually used in labor unions, for an executive officer of a business organization. It can also be abbreviated as B.A. In most of the countries, it is considered a professional title, but not a legal one. It is normally a full-time, paid position. It can also be abbreviated B.B.

What is a Business Agent?

Professional agents are responsible for the legal representation of their employers. They are generally associated with the general managers and directors of the firm. Most of them have a certain knowledge in business administration, business laws and finance. In order to become a business agent, the candidate should have a relevant educational background in business or law and a minimum of five years of work experience.

The basic job of a business agent includes negotiating agreements among parties related to a company or a business. They are also involved in the preparation of contracts between companies and employees and the submission of papers and documents. They are also involved in legal negotiations with other parties such as shareholders, creditors and third party vendors. The role of a business agent is sometimes defined by the laws and regulations governing the industry where he or she works.

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