Buying a Home Guide

As home prices continue to climb, it becomes more important for perspective home buyers to research available mortgage programs that best fit their particular need before making an offer to buy a home. Now researching mortgages and learning about the home buying process has been consolidated into a single resource. Home buyers can simplify the home buying process by taking a few recommended steps. First, get familiar with the home buying process. This will help you understand what to expect and help you deal with any issues before you are emotionally involved in buying a home. Home buying 101 provides an easy to read step by step outline of what to expect when buying a home. Secondly, after getting familiar with the home buying process, begin researching available home buying grants and mortgages by visiting:


Keep in mind that these programs are designed to assist home buyers who really need help. Often these home buying grants will have income and savings restrictions based on the median income of the area. Single individuals with a single income use many of these home buying grants because they fall under these guidelines. Jessie J. Beaudoin, a California mortgage broker suggests, “Selecting a mortgage program or home buying grant before making a offer to buy a home is the single most important step as the financing terms must be disclosed when you make an offer to buy a home. If a home buyer attempts to change the accepted terms of an offer to use a different mortgage program, the home seller may elect to cancel the accepted offer causing a home buyer to lose their dream home.”

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