Fallout 4 Review – Online Gaming

The crafting system is really fun too ! You can customize your weapons, pieces of armor and power armor in various ways. The good thing is… everything you can find throughout the wasteland, can be dismantled and re-used to craft new gear ! Adding to that that the more complex things you’re trying to create, the more experience points you’ll earn, make the crafting system of Fallout 4 something you’re going to spend hours on ! I did and never before did i invest so many points in Crafting Perks


Speaking about Power Armor just above… do you know what this is ? yes i am sure if you’re a Veteran of Fallout, you know it’s a sort of exoskeleton military suit offering you high quality protection ! Well… in the previous episodes of Fallout, the Power Armor was something you could acquire… but not before spending HOURS and HOURS into the game ! It was designed as the most powerful armor you could get, as were the plasma weapons.

Well… my first disappointment in the main plot of Fallout 4… and i am sure you know what i am going to speak about if you played to it even just 5 hours… is that you can get this Power Armor right from the start at Level 1-2 ! Yes… the strongest protection you can wear can be found during the very first missions of the main plot… And guess what ? they give you that because you’re going to repel some raiders… but also a DEATHCLAW ! What’s a Deathclaw ? That’s basically the most dangerous Beast of the wasteland, that you should not encounter before level 30 at the very least…

And so the devs are giving you all of this at Level 1 !
Guys… sorry but what were you smoking ? what were you thinking ? where is the pleasure in that ? At the very basic level, when you should begin by giving the player small pieces of leather to protect him, you’re giving him the opportunity to activate a Power Armor, and to fight one of the most dangerous enemies you can encounter… What’s the point ? Because after that… it’s going to be hard for the new player to go back to some little basic protections, when you already gave him a taste of powerful one !

Besides… i was playing in Survival mode… and killing this Deathclaw with small non-tweaked guns, and no perks yet to increase your damage output, was a pain in the ass ! I had to hide in the local buildings to shoot around 100+ more bullets on this fucking beast… This wasn’t fun at all… That was the first mistake made by Bethesda, giving the new player a taste of Super Protection and Super Villain !

Clever investing