Hoasting An Amazing Teepee Party

Choosing a teepee party is a great idea

For those who have never hosted a child’s teepee party let us tell you it definitely can be an amazing idea. From the moment you first start thinking about it and start imagining what it would be like is a magical process. Teepee parties can be fun exciting and a moment in time you will never forget. Contact kidspartyhouse today for a free no obligations quote and for some extra party ideas.


When we threw our teepee party for our child we started by choosing a theme. We chose the Batman theme and used kids party house as our supplier. We then carefully chose how many kids we were going to have at the birthday slumber party. The sleepover was not as expensive as we thought it may be the tents were supplied to us at around the $400 mark.

Once we had our theme chosen we then booked the teepee’s all the tents arrived on time and the company set everything up with very little for us to do. We included themed batman birthday invites, Batman balloons and a batman cake which were all supplied by the teepee provider Kids Party House.

Some Tips & Ideas For Your Teepee Party

Our friends had such a good time at the teepee party that they wanted to have a teepee party for their children. They were worried about the set-up mainly and did not want to have to spend hours preparing. We explained to them our experience that all tents were set up for us and there was very little to do. I guess that is probably a concern for most parents as really setting up tents or teepees can be a big job especially if it is not something you have done before or regularly.

Making the party all about one theme was a great idea the teepees had Batman material all over them, with a Batman cake, cards, etc the kids’ imagination ran wild with all the kids also dressed up as Batman.

Should you choose a teepee party have fun with it be relaxed and also make sure you invite children that have slept over somewhere away from there parents before. You do not need a big space to host the event and really $500 should cover everything or it did for us and we had 6 children stay the night.

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